Why have a team banquet?

Team Banquet provides a highly engaging simulation where people can live out many of their day-to-day challenges while bonding around a common goal.

Team Building

Whether you're forming a brand new team, bringing a virtual team together or strengthening the skills of an existing team, the Team Banquet provides the vehicle to ensure the skills are learned and practiced in a shared and memorable way.

Board Building

Whether you’re an established board looking to become more high performing or bringing a new board together, nothing builds and bonds a group faster and more effectively than a Team Banquet.

Client Bonding

You want to strengthen the relationships you have with your clients. Why just take them to a meal or show, when they can have the experience of a lifetime that will forever keep you linked together.

Leadership Development

Giving people leadership roles and seeing them in action is the best way to grow leadership skills. As a capstone to a leadership program or as a way to actively learn leadership, the Team Banquet is a great vehicle to accomplish this.

Learning and Development

Team banquets are strengthened by having learning sessions beforehand. The skills taught in the session are then applied and observed in the Team Banquet exercise. The Team Banquet is also an excellent analogy for a production or fast-paced environment.

Frequent subject areas that come to light in the Team Banquet include:

  • Customer Delight
  • Execution and Results
  • Team building and effectiveness
  • Leadership styles and skills
  • Communication Styles & Skills
  • Ownership
  • Maintaining high standards
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Problem solving and rapid decision making
  • Time and Stres Management

Many assessments can be used to strengthen skills and insight including:

  • DISC Communication Styles
  • Human Synergistics Leadership Styles (LS1 and LS2)
  • Thomas-Killman Conflict Inventory.
  • And Many Others!



Villa Martha Hotel

In 2005 the Villa Martha Hotel in Ratzeburg, Germany, known for its gourmet cooking classes, asked to be trained in the Team Banquet method to serve the needs of German businesses. They discovered that organizations such as commercial banks found it to be the perfect method to strengthen relationships between commercial bankers and their customers. Villa Martha’s retreat sits on idyllic Ratzeburg Lake, where the Gold winning Olympic German rowing team practices, a short drive from Hamburg and Lubeck.


Advance Learning Group

Advance Learning Group is a consultancy that develops and delivers leadership, board and team development. Working with organizations to ensure they are developing leaders in a way that fits their culture, strategy, goals and direction, Founder Howard Prager is a thought leader and author with a passion for building leadership programs that advance the organization's needs.


People in Flow

In 2010 HR in Flow and Partners in Flow, a UK consultancy, conducted team banquets with their clients in London. It became an instant success. People in Flow is a UK-based firm that works with organisations to help them develop the leadership, management & business skills, organisation culture and related behavioural norms that their reputation depends on.

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