What size can my banquet be?

We can easily accommodate any size. The typical banquet consists of about 15-30 people. If you have many more or less, talk to us about customizing the right type of banquet competition for you.


What does it include?

Planning and preparation to fit your group and organization, professional executive chef with all the equipment and a banquet facilitator, all food, soft drinks, tea and coffee, wait staff to wash dishes, customized debrief based on your goals.

Additional Add-Ons

These elements can be added to enhance the banquet experience

  • Logo aprons, caps or chef hats
  • Team pictures and videos
  • ROI (Return on Investment) measurement
  • After banquet networking and further team development (especially valuable with customers and business partners)

Have lots of teams?  Team Banquet train-the-trainer

We offer a fully – designed train-the-trainer and can work with you and any chef to help you take this to your teams anywhere that you need.

Don't Business Leaders Take Over?

NO! They usually stay in the role they are assigned for the exercise. Sometimes senior leaders purposefully ASK NOT to be put into lead roles so they can experience the exercise differently. It's a great way for others to exhibit leadership who might not ordinarily have that opportunity.


What have been some reactions to the Team Banquet?

Highly favorable! Everyone learns so much about themselves and others in this exercise. One participant chosen as Team Banquet chef said the last time he was in charge of a group was 41 years ago in the Brazilian Army, and all he could do in the kitchen was boil water. He learned a great deal about how to trust his colleagues, encourage their success, and support his teams. We all were in tears when he finished.

​Can't anyone just do this themselves - why hire you?

To get the most from the exercise, it's important to have a facilitator and Chef that have been trained to run this, plan the Team Banquet properly to meet the organization's goals, observe the interactions, and debrief it in a way that highlights the key learnings. ​ We've done this hundreds of times and know the nuances, ins and outs to make the Team Banquet an activity that's not just a one time event but a powerful and long-lasting memorable exercise. And we can provide additional learning or support your learning and curriculum.